Seeking Truth and Rejecting Seductive Lies

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It is significant to mention that even though we may be by admission considered to be “reactionary”, it is also important not to be aligned with many movements and individuals which label themselves as such.  While many movements claim that they represent conservatism or even “paleoconservatism,” their actions and actual creed can speak volumes for their true intentions.  Tradition is a perennial set of principles which are eternal and ancient rather than a merely romantic yearning for dead past.  While pride in one’s own past and ancestry is a positive trait, and, indeed, a healthy one, traditional ideologies must show that they are living instead of frozen in time.  The web of espionage and controlled interests is thick, successful, and all too real.  There are many people who wish to wage a heroic, defiant, masculine, and aristocratic struggle only to fail because of idealism.  People of substance imbued with these values are hard to find, rare, and perhaps unreachable as they suffer from similar burdens of apathy, passion, and lack of trust.  It is necessary to bridge the spiritual distance between like-minded souls, but also with care and concern as the shadowy hand of spycraft will be close.  Caveat actor et cave canem.

Divide et impera – to divide and conquer is an ancient and effective strategy, but it is still very effective today.  The divisive natures of unwise men can be easily manipulated to achieve ends that unwittingly serve more Satanic interests.  Sadly, those manipulated are often completely oblivious to the real end of their actions, which are to continue to mental and spiritual slavery of others including themselves.  Those who are aware and yet still side with these foolish parties are committing a grave error.  They can be much more than just useful idiots oblivious: a real threat consuming resources and destroying legitimacy.  In this way, they are a part of the problem, and not a part of the solution to modernity, and become their own worst enemies.  A glimpse of their soul can be seen in actions and character.

There are also reasons beyond puppetry and incompetence that these “regressive” parties must be rejected.  Many of these movements do not only throw nations and regions into chaos, they also focus on ideas which are not all together Traditional in substance, and which in fact, will destroy society from within.  Syncretic, or atavistic, such organs often reject historical truth, spiritual developments, and philosophical thoughts indicative of a Divine Truth.  It is far simpler to deny a static yet adaptable form for something idealized, impossible, and dead.  In the convincing cloak of purity and piety these parties conceal changes to the doctrines of faith and ideology leading them to be erosive, violent, and toxic.  The yearning for wisdom, transcendent greatness, and temporal power leads to visions of a golden age.  Our young are most apt to fall for this image because it appeals to their need for a purpose.  It is important to guide them to the not-so-obvious true form of Truth in order to protect their hearts and souls while also protecting Tradition.  A struggle thus begins with these people to realize a vision impossible not just because of the difference of spirit between the ages, but also because the physical conditions make such goals impossible.  More simply, only time, effort, and perseverance will yield fertile fruits.  Enduring Tradition and Truth will prevail, but only with concerned spirits focused on cultivating it at the expense of those regressive and reactionary movements at once modern spiritually, intellectually contaminated reactions to modern realities.  The fungus and filth must be removed regardless of its seductive form.

The key is a return to the fundamentals.  Those who call themselves “fundamentalists” and who reject the fundamentals are charlatans.  They are a cancer.  Seek the Truth of Light, and find the reality behind the events and shifting formation of politics.  Though it is an optimism of our time to believe that religion and politics live truly in different spheres, the profane presence of the state and physical interests exist to corrupt, to control, and to strangle everything in its quest for a secular dominance.  Novus Ordo Seclorum: The goal to be attained by anti-Traditional forces cannot be withstood merely through political means, but also spiritually and mentally through proper skill.  This means not being led astray by that which is outwardly righteous and inwardly adulterous.  Always move with care and concern.  Remember, do not discount legitimate movements pursuing noble ends, but certain language, practices, and connections should make one wary.

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