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El lanzamiento de cohetes coreano y la disuasión nuclear

La República Popular Democrática de Corea lanzó con éxito el cohete Unha-3 y se colocó un satélite en el espacio. Esta es sin duda una gran victoria para el pueblo coreano, y una bofetada a la cara a los intereses imperialistas y globalistas.  Este logro demuestra lo que un pueblo decidido puede hacer aun frente […]

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Bullying and victim politics

Bullying has been in the limelight in recent years with high profile cases of bullied teenagers committing suicide, and celebrities and politicians pushing for “anti bullying” legislation. Of course, the heart wrenching story of some pretty young girl or bright boy driven to suicide by the cruelty of his or her peers resonates with all […]

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Korean Rocket Launch and Nuclear Deterrence

Yesterday’s successful rocket launch by the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is a smack in the face to imperialist and globalist interests and shows what a determined people can accomplish even in the face of isolation, sanctions, and threats.  The controlled media in many Western countries couldn’t help but gloat over any glitch or delay in this launch, and predicted failure, […]

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