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Amerikos imperializmas ir jo remėjai

Metu kai Jungtinės Amerikos Valstijos daugelyje pasaulio šalių veda agresyvius karus, Amerikos imperialistai vienodai nekenčiami įvairiausių klasių darbininkų, profesionalų ir intelektualų, yra svarbu suprasti kas yra imperialistinės Amerikos politikos vykdytojai ir kaip į šią problemą dera žiūrėti. Šiuolaikinio Amerikos imperializmo, kokį jį žinome šiandien, pradžia iškilo pasibaigus Antrajam pasauliniam karui Amerikos imperialistams okupavus Vokietiją ir […]

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Miyamoto Musashi’s Dokkodo

Dokkodo (獨行道), roughly translated means  “The Path of Walking Alone,”  “The Path of Independence,” or “The Lone Path”/  Although the English translation does not give the title much justice, it is should be noted that this refers not to a path of nihilistic abandon, nor a path of misanthropy.  Misanthropes who have crossed beyond a certain […]

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OPINION: The Treatment of Edward Snowden Puts American Totalitarianism on Show

The case of Edward Snowden has recently become international news. Snowden, a 30-year old American technical contractor and CIA employee is accused of treason for leaking details of classified NSA mass surveillance programs to the media, and has become one of many in a laundry list of individuals who have been targeted by the American […]

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Against Psychology

The social sciences, sociology and psychology, are relatively new fields of study. In the past, the soul was considered the basis of emotion and reason, but in the absence of traditional faith and spirituality, post-Enlightenment man has sought to find the reasons why man and society work as they do. Of course, in our age, […]

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