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Letter: Affirmative Action runs contrary to our values

03 July 2011

Please note that letters are contributed by non-permanent members of the staff, and do not reflect the opinions of Riding the Tiger as a whole. Dear Sirs, We read recently in the New York Times, regarding the overturning by the US Federal Appeals Court of a ban on racial and gender preferences in Michigan’s Universities.  We find this not only shocking, but an affront of the very priviliges under the law that our parents came here to America to enjoy – which are, specifically, equal opportunities under the law, and the right to succeed under your own merits. As you are aware, a 2006 law made illegal the then-current scheme, which awarded points 20 points on a 150-point scale to those of African-American heritage – without consideration for any other factor.  On the same scale, a person who scored [...]

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American Imperalism and its Supporters

28 June 2011

At a time when the United States of America conducts aggressive wars in many countries around the globe, and the American imperialists are being equally detested by all classes of workers, professionals, and intellectuals, it is important to understand which parties are the perpetrators of the imperalistic American policy, and how the problem must be addressed. The beginnings of modern American imperialism as we know it today, arose at the end of World War Two, when the American imperialists and their allies occupied the German nation, subjected its people to starvation and hardship, and deprived them of human dignity for the reason that they would not abandon their German identity or their way of life. The insidious plans of the American imperialists were supported by immense finance-capital, as well as key members of the American government, such as Secretary [...]

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Activism and modern “spirituality”

22 June 2011

It is a known fact that there are many causes that are quite popular among the liberal bourgeoisie, who, in reality, have little understanding of the causes they are supporting.  In March of 2009, this especially came to be seen in Berekley, a city known for its liberal political views.  During that period, protesters gathered to mark the 50th anniversary of the an uprising against the policies of the Cultural Revolution in Tibet.  However wrong and anti-traditional the Cultural Revolution was, there was another visual oddity worthy of mention and criticism.  According to some local residents, prayer flags began to show up, scattered around this college town, clearly visible in public spaces. To the supposedly culturally and socially aware, such a sight may not be strange or troubling in the least. Yet, if one examines the situation from an [...]

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American Democracy, American Media

20 June 2011

Election time is approaching in the United States of America, and along with it all the warm and fuzzy rhetoric about continuing commitments to democracy, freedom, and equality, so that nobody need question the intentions of any political candidate.  I probably won’t be voting in the 2012 election, probably not for whatever shill the Republicans will put out as a candidate, and certainly not for the Kenyan Zionist and winner of the world’s first affirmative action Nobel Peace Prize, but still, the election raises an important question. Just what is the appeal of “democratic freedoms” and “universal suffrage” in today’s world to the globalist elite?  From a practical point of view, giving the common people the idea that they are choosing their leaders makes them feel as if they are in control, even when this is not the case. [...]

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The Tale of “Amina” and what it really means

19 June 2011

A rather insignificant blog exploded onto the international stage last week, as the supposedly “fair and balanced” Western media lamented over the circumstances of its author: a middle-aged lesbian blogger with American citizenship supposedly abducted in the early hours of the morning by intolerant Syrian thugs.  The story was so perfect that these agents of the mainstream media, such as MSNBC, the Huffington Post, Time Magazine, CBS, the Guardian, just to name a few, ran sympathetic articles speculating that “Amina” was in the clutches of militantly homophobic Islamists.  By contrast, the media, seemed to care little for 19-year old American citizen Furkan Dogan, who was murdered on the high seas by Israel, but that’s a different story. But later suspicions began to arise that the photos of “Amina” might have really belonged to Jelena Lecic, a Croat living in England; and a [...]

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