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False abuse allegations in divorce: a growing epidemic

Dan Abshear, who writes for Henry Makow’s excellent blog, recently wrote an article in which he explains the tragic situation in which he was accused of molesting his daughter.  As a loving father, this could have not been a more shocking accusation to him.  However his concern for his daughter resulted in accusations from the radical feminist camp that he was somehow molesting her.  In response, he threatened litigation against the school, but the school administration, lead by the principal (a close friend of his openly lesbian ex-wife) bans him in retaliation.

As it turns out, such accusations are very common when a child’s parents are divorced.  While the stigma against child abuse is rightly founded, many of the accusations are not: an estimated 77% of allegations are determined to be unfounded, according to Child Forensic Studies expert Dean Tong.  Still, such an accusation is sufficient to strip the father of all his custody rights, even if no evidence exists to substantiate the allegation.  Due to the commonality of such claims, an acronym known as Sexual Allegations in Divorce (S.A.I.D.) is used to describe instances in which women make false accusations of sexual abuse against their husbands during a divorce trial. The number of S.A.I.D. allegations has risen from 7% to 30% since the 1980′s.

The prolific increase of S.A.I.D. no doubt derives from the stranglehold that feminism has on the American legal system.  Michael Weiss and Cathy Young argue that, in addition to favoring women in custody:

[F]eminist pressure has also resulted in increasingly loose and subjective definitions of harassment and rape, dangerous moves to eviscerate the presumption of innocence in sexual assault cases, and a broad concept of self-defense in cases of battered wives that sometimes amounts to a license to kill an allegedly abusive spouse (source).

In the radical feminist mindset, women are infallible; a woman’s word is irrefutable and must be taken at face value, while a man’s word is inherently false.   The radical feminist further argue that failure to abide by this unwritten rule is an example of misogyny and oppression.  Political correctness plays a significant role here to, as the left portrays the act of not treating a woman more favourably than a man as a form of impolite resentment towards women. Another reason for the increase of S.A.I.D. could be derived from the fact mothers are more likely than fathers to be believed when bringing false accusations of child abuse into court proceedings.  An estimated 86% of sexual abuse were not believed when they said the abuser was a woman.  Also, according to legal expert Aaron Larson:

“…in divorce proceedings, mothers are more likely to be believed. In one noteworthy case, a young child told her father of improper touching by a babysitter, and he reported the allegations to the authorities. When social workers investigated, the mother accused the father of molesting the daughter. This resulted in a long legal battle, where the father had to fight for even limited access to his daughter. During the father’s four-year legal battle, the mother was diagnosed as mentally ill, and was temporarily institutionalized… Eventually, the father managed to convince a court that the charges were false, and he did gain custody of his daughter, but the emotional and financial consequences of the false allegations were enormous.”  (source)

Such proceedings are only one example of rampant and radical feminism in Western society.  The result was that, for some time now, feminism has eroded the nuclear family, as divorce has become profitable to women.  For the first time in American history, the census of 2000 reported that nuclear families accounted for less than one in four American families.

What is taking place today in the West is not unique in history, but has been a characteristic of empires before it. Will Durant, the noted historian, wrote about the fall of the Roman Empire:

Biological factors were most fundamental. A serious decline of population appears in the West after Hadrian…the holocausts of war and revolution, and perhaps the operation of contraception, abortion and infanticide had a dysgenic as well as a numerical effect: the ablest men married latest, bred least and died soonest. The dole weakened the poor, luxury weakened the rich, and a long peace deprived all classes in the peninsula of the martial qualities and arts…Moral and aesthetic standards were lowered by the magnetism of the mass; and sex ran riot in freedom while political liberty decayed.

He could just as easily have been taking about today.

Dawud al-Sini, a freelance writer contributed to the writing of this article.

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    1. Linkage is Good for You: Vacations Are Also Good for You Edition says:

      [...] William van Nostrand – “False Abuse Allegations in Divorce: A Growing Epidemic” [...]

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