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The 99% are 99% Wrong!

The protests on Wall Street seem to have gained a great deal of momentum, not only in New York, but in other American cities as well, and are continuing to spread throughout the country.  Many of these protesters are fed up with the growing corruption of the government, corporations, and banks, and others seem to be angered by the results of two simultaneous wars and its consequences.  While some of these are legitimate concerns, some of the other demands of the protesters might be an indication of everything which is wrong, not only with the “Occupy Wall Street” demonstration, but indeed with the mentality of society as a whole.

It certainly can’t be denied that there are many problems with the condition of the American society, and that the breakup of the United States might be a real possibility in the future.  Moreover, we are not denying that it is wrong for corporations to abuse and demean the middle and working classes, nor that the illegal wars undertaken by the globalist elite are correct in their ideology.  The real issue, though, should not be viewed in a manner which separates these materialistic questions from the social ones.  Indeed, the social issues may ultimately turn out to be more dangerous than the economic ones, because the dominance of finance-capital is more of a symptom of a decayed society than a diagnosis.  This is to say, that ultimately the problems all derive from a fundamental breakdown of Weltanschauung (world view), which the theologian James W. Sire defined as “a fundamental orientation of the heart”.

The modernist Weltanschauung can be viewed manifesting itself today as being comprised of two related and complimentary parts: neoliberal globalism or democratic liberalism.  Both of these are secular and materialistic (i.e. inherently contrary to the Traditionalist view), and are based on inaccurate and unrealistic ideas.  For instance, both demand an egalitarian worldview at any cost, the former through capitalism and commerce, and the latter through redistribution of wealth gained by the middle and working classes towards the lower classes (i.e., the lumpenproletariat).  Both of these look to the secular state and uphold the concept of civic nationalism based on democracy.

In the case of America, the contradiction runs deeper at every level.  The United States is a fundamentally “liberal” country.  Its founders were Masonic Deists who rebelled against a legitimate monarch for the sole purpose of creating a Republic.  Since the purpose of conservatives is to preserve tradition, in America, the job of conservatives is to preserve liberalism.  Thus traditionalism in an American context is shown to be logically impossible.  For this reason, Evola had even gone so far as to term America the “Far West” in the seminal essay “Civiltà Americana“.

Today, the economic system is breaking down, and undoubtedly many people are rightly angered.  However, the majority wish to continue believing that democracy and liberalism are the obvious solution, while, in reality, it should have been obvious that the supposed “values” of democracy, liberalism, and so-called “freedom” have ultimately failed in their stated purpose of building an utopian society.  The fact that the protesters still cling to those ideas a most stubborn fashion is rather obvious from their list of silly and impetuous demands, whether it is “guaranteed living wage income regardless of employment,” or “open borders migration,” to name a few.  Instead of taking an honest look at the problems of American society, many of the Wall Street protesters are instead demanding a mad rush further down the road of modernity and globalism.  René Guénon goes so far in “The Crisis of the Modern World” to make such an observation: he rightly tells us that the West has abandoned Tradition, contemplation, and metaphysics, creating the situation we are in today.

For now we must address the miserable state of existence that the West has reached.  An honest and introspective look at the condition of world shows us that to solve the problems of the so-called “Far West” means a far-reaching solution which mobilizes the revolutionary masses not towards a progressive idealism, as the Wall Street protesters are wont to suggest, but rather towards an organic Tradition.  For those in the West, the starting point for this is none other than the Catholic Church and its values.

For all their posturing, the Wall Street protesters are in reality not opposed to the destruction of sovereign cultures or spiritual, intellectual and religious doctrines; they are concerned with obtaining more and more individual rights at any cost.  Were we to ask a majority of these protesters their opinion on these things, they would hardly be different from the viewpoint which the elites have trained the majority to believe.  They are hardly differentiable from their peers, and ultimately will only help the elites achieve their ultimate goals.

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William van Nostrand is a native of Chicago, Illinois and is currently the Chairman and Editor-in-Chief of He holds a B.A. in Economics as well as a minor in cultural anthropology. His interests are highly varied and include late medieval European architecture, German romantic classical music, and travel.
  • Mihai

    “For those in the West, the starting point for this is none other than the Catholic Church and its values.”

    The catholic church (notice that I don’t even bother writing its name in capitals), has been, for the past 2 or so centuries, whoring with whoever held power at any given time- be it bourgeoisie, liberalism, fascism or marxism. Even as I write these, the catholic heads are probably looking or more compromises to make in order to insure the favor of modernity. Not that it is doing them any good even in this direction, but, they just can’t help it.

    So how can catholicism be of any use to us ?

    • William van Nostrand

      Hence, why I believe Catholicism it can only be considered the starting point for Western Europeans, and not a true solution. Western Europe is probably not ready for Orthodoxy, at this point. However I will grant that without the Catholic Church actually making an internal reform towards a true Catholicism, and away from Vatican II, that even his can fail in a certain amount of time.