Suggested Reading: February 20, 2012

Establishment Media: Critics of Obama Are Racists And Conspiracy Theorists - Saman Mohammadi confronts the pernicious lie that criticizing “Barry” is racism

Symbolism and Metaphysics - A short essay by ”Cologero” of on inner states and their representations

The New Blacklist - Patrick Buchanan talks about his recent dismissal from MSNBC

The Great Depression: Then and Now - An excellent photo-essay contrasting the Great Depression of the 1930′s with that of today.

The Sins of Dawkins - Another atheist exposed.  ”His obnoxious behavior is only the consequence of his selfish, selfish genes.”

Budapest: l’intervento fraterno dei dirittumanisti (in italiano) - Claudio Mutti, reknowned scholar criticizes “the attack by the western oligarchy against the Hungarian people”

And now, for your listening and viewing pleasure:

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