The Wisconsin Shooting and the state of “White Nationalism”

The recent shooting in Wisconsin comes less than a month after a similar incident in Colorado. The one crucial difference here is the apparent ideological underpinnings that the media is playing up; already is an image of the shooter, Wade Page, with a swastika behind him and the word “NAZI” emblazoned on the front page of the New York Post.

As both supporters of Evola’s view on race and students of history, we feel it is important to make a distinction between the views espoused by many so called “white supremacists” today, the historical Nazi party, and Traditionalists. It is especially frustrating to see any person who adheres to an ideology that is by nature contrary to the notions of liberal democracy and multiculturalism portrayed immediately as a fringe lunatic element.  Between the media and education system, it is drilled into the heads of most Westerners today, that, for example, racists believed that anyone without blonde hair and blue eyes were subhumans, or that Whites should rule the world.  But, considering the fact that it was the British Empire that came closest to fulfilling that last desire, the notion that the Nazis or any racial movement should be the first to blame, is ridiculous. It should be noted that the Nazis by and large held Eastern thought in high regard and supported Indian independence. Subhas Chandra Bose received support and welcome in Germany for his independence struggle, and indeed Indians of all kinds, including Sikhs fought in German and Japanese uniforms during World War II! There were troops of nearly every race and creed on this side of the war, yet we are still given the “Big Lie” treatment on Nazi views on race.

Wade Page, as shown in the New York Post

Evola himself was quite critical of biological racism as insufficient and materialist.  His ultimate views were endorsed by Mussolini. Evola called for an understanding of race on a spiritual level, beyond blood and physical appearance, and he did not waver from his views even when such views were considered unfashionable and politically detrimental. One cannot look at race alone in attempting to understand a person or a culture. Race may be in the foundation of a society but, by itself it means nothing if not built upon.

Of course, the New York Post, along with the rest of the mainstream media, is not interested in facts.  It is interested in pounding the notion into peoples’ heads that so-called “Nazis,” or anyone who so much believes that race exists is a loose cannon – a  mad dog that should be put down before he gets into his pickup truck and guns down some black or nonwhite family for no reason whatsoever, save for the irrational, inexplicable hatred in his heart. This is a political coup for the “anti-racist” groups, and they indeed are reveling in it.  But it is a coup they have earned unfortunately, thanks to the state of the racial movements today.

The real problem here isn’t the National Socialist ideology (which is both foreign toAmerica, and which has been dead for seventy odd years) or guns but a twisted and  culturally warped sense of identity by the both “conservative” Americans and the whole “white nationalist” movement. While the liberals are willing to embrace anything foreign on the surface level, to prove their worldliness, the more conservative element seems to revel in ignorance. Rather than being able to see its own achievements, the American conservative (and this includes run of the mill conservatives here, not just “far right” types) tends to revel in his inability to speak more than one language, his inability to distinguish between one non-Christian group from another and holding viewpoints which might be considered uneducated by others. This explains the rise in attacks in this country against Sikhs after 9/11, and perhaps explains the tragedy  in Wisconsin as well.

Today’s “White nationalism,” as an ideology championed primarily in the United States by the far right, or what the media would term “white supremacists,” is a farce.  In America, the notion of an identity cannot exist the way it does in say, Germany, Ireland, or France since those nations were not merely held together by language, culture and ethnicity, but, generally speaking, also had a shared history and bond of hundreds of years. Most people who immigrated to the United States did so to either flee political or religious repression, as debtors and petty criminals, or for economic opportunities. But a people cannot be held together and form a bond on the basis of economics alone! There was a deeper ethnic and racial bond forged by hundreds of years of cooperation and cultural achievement among the people of European nations than could ever be made this way. By and large the European-descended peoples of the United States lack this ethnic bond, and can only make very broad racial bonds, which by itself is simply not enough.  To complicate matters, the “White” identity in the Anglo world has historically been continually changeable.  Though the Irish were European and Christian, many English-descended people already living in America did not consider them to be “White” 150 years ago, but today they are considered as white as anyone else.  Slavs were not considered White to the extent that western europeans were. This led to a very flawed, shallow understanding of race that by and large hasn’t changed much.

The racial movement in America therefore tends to take being white as a quality in and of itself to the point where it is willing to take in anyone, including the lowest of the criminal element, as long as they are sufficiently white. This is nothing more than a sort of racial Marxism which leads to a situation where the whites who are most proud to be white, and who are the most aggressive proponents of this ideology tend to be the sorriest example of the race. The media of course, has a field day with these types, making sure the image most people have in their minds of a “neo-Nazi” is a toothless, beer-gutted, tattooed, and irrational bigot from the South.

We here at send our most heartfelt sympathy and condolences to the families and friends of the victims of this senseless and disgraceful crime. Firing on unarmed innocents in their house of prayer is a disgrace and the act of a coward. Page didn’t target people who could defend themselves, or fire back, despite all his supposed military training. He attacked innocent people minding their own business. If the story coming out is accurate, this was an emotionally disturbed, misguided man whose views were not coherent or intelligent enough to be considered legitimate in any way. The media will jump on this naturally, but hopefully the result is the more intelligent racial movements will distance themselves from these types of people, and become more selective of who they let in. The number of people willing to question the system is small to be sure, but numbers are not the value of an idea, only the truth behind it. Blind, ignorant hatred and unstable criminals will not help build an alternative answer to modern society.

About Ray Wilson

Ray Wilson resides in New York City. He holds a degree in history and studies philosophy, theology and entomology in his free time.
  • Antiochus

    Excellent. well written, i might read this on my internet radio show if given permission. “Between the media and education system, it is drilled into the heads of most Westerners today, that, for example, racists believed that anyone with blonde hair and blue eyes were subhumans, or that Whites should rule the world” – I think what you meant to say was ‘racists believed that anyone without blonde hair and blue eyes were subhumans.’