American warmongers fix their gaze on Syria

Just 10 years after the wasteful and pointless war in Iraq, and less than two years after the NATO backed war in Libya, the criminal Obama regime in Washington is once again beating the war drums and is dead set on targeting Syria. The pretext is all too familiar; the allegations of “chemical weapons being used on civilians” begs the comparison to the supposed evidence of Saddam Hussein’s weapons of “mass destruction” a decade ago. Now Obama rails with the same arrogant bravado of George W. Bush in stating the United States is willing to “go alone” and directly intervene in the conflict in Syria.

This is not to say the United States is not already involved in the Syrian conflict.  As has been the modus operandi of the American imperialists since the 50′s, they have been exporting revolution,  supplying arms, and using all available means to form and aide rebel groups,  despite the fact that many of these rebels today espouse an ideology similar to the one they supposedly oppose. the government has no doubt been arming, training and supplying at least a portion of these “rebels” since prior to the start of disturbances.

Bashir al-Assad’s government is not a perfect government by any means, and of course, as traditionalists, the notion of secularism does not appeal to us.  However, in the context of Syrian society, as in Iraqi society, it is justifiable and sensible. It is one thing to have a government guided by religious principles, and derive authority from these.  All governments and societies were guided to some extent or another by faith until modern times. This does not equate to the kind of heavy handed sectarian ideology which many of these disparate elements adhere to, all of which promote the divisiveness, massacres or the kind of sectarian violence currently seen today in Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Myanmar, and so on. In the Middle East in particular, this sort of violence only works to the benefit of Israel and western powers seeking to keep these states as weak and disunited as possible.

Let us look, for a moment, at the prospect of invasion from the standpoint of the United States.  The American military is currently stretched across 150 countries, with more than 10% (about 173,000 of its 1,372,522 members) of its active personnel stationed abroad.  The American armed forces have also recently been strained financially, unable to even provide its soldiers with adequate rations and clothing, not to mention medical care should they become injured.  An intervention in Syria would stretch this further, and the United States will not gain an ounce of benefit from such an action.  Economically, this would simply mean another tremendous investment of resources, (the Iraq war’s cost, to date, has been in the trillions). If troops are put on the ground there is a chance for casualties. We are not, here against war and we accept casualties, but not without just cause. Even if there was a legitimate cause for American intervention, no government propped up with such overt American support will ever achieve legitimacy; the Afghan government the Soviets left in 1989 only lasted four years, and the puppet regimes set up by the United States in Afghanistan and Iraq are by far worse than those created by the Soviets.  A Syrian “leader” propped up by the United States would be seen as an imposed, foreign puppet and nothing more. If the Syrian government as it stands is truly that unpopular, it is up to the Syrian people to remove it and replace it.  That this has not happened, despite tremendous Western pressure and open support to these rebel groups, it shows that Assad, like Qaddafi, continues to retain significant support from his people.

Furthermore, the United States is predominantly, a supposedly Christian nation, with at least 90 percent of its population identifying as such. Assad, to his credit, has always offered protection to religious minorities in Syria. We know the invasion of Iraq was an absolute disaster for the Christian populations there.  Tariq Aziz, for example, was a Christian and was one of Saddam’s top officials. The Christian churches in Iraq suffered extensively, with hundreds of thousands of refugees fleeing to Syria and elsewhere and the population dropping.    The idea of a Christian in any position of power in Iraq now is highly unlikely. Reports regarding the “Free Syria Army” and associated rebel groups killing Christians and attacking Christian monuments, (along with those of the non Salafi Muslims)  countless and no doubt supporting the FSA will only guarantee further suffering for these people, let along the countless other religious minorities who will no doubt suffer as well. From this standpoint, we may well ask the age old question “cui bono?”.  It certainly will not be the Syrian people, and most definitely will not be the average American.  The Arab world certainly will not gain any strategic advantage, and in many ways, it will suffer setbacks as any violence on the part of Arabs or Muslims will be enthusiastically used to turn opinions against them and in Israel’s favor.

President Bashar al-Assad meets with Christian leaders

President Bashar al-Assad meets with Christian leaders

Syria’s Ba’athist government has been geopolitically a thorn in the side of the Zionist entity and its western backers thanks to its close alliance with Iran and support for Hezbollah. Syria also receives support from Russia and China, substantially more so than Libya did. This we would attribute to the Syrian government’s pragmatism compared to Libya. The removal of a key Iranian ally would of course, benefit Israel. The slavish devotion to Israel is the only possible reason to enter this conflict. The decision to enter war with Syria would be wrong, but infinitely more respectable if Obama simply told the truth and stated removing the Assad government was beneficial to American interests geopolitically. Instead  we have political stooge John Kerry, a colorless and amoral careerist through and through, rambling on about Assad’s government committing “moral obscenities” and actually acting as if the United States has the moral high ground.  Lest we forget, it is the United States, not Syria, which operates secret prisons throughout the world, which supports the murder of dissident authors within its borders, and which has killed millions with its “humanitarian wars”.  This sort of hypocritical moralizing is difficult to fathom.  The eagerness of the Democrat administration to intervene in foreign conflicts, be it Libya or now Syria should at the very least, quell any illusions regarding the differences between one party and another- the Democratic party of the United States is no more a “peace party” than the Republican was, and every bit as corrupt and beholden to lobbying interests.

These accusations of chemical weapons, are of course, trumped up. The Assad government would gain nothing from such an attack, the tone of western press echoes the hysteric, unsubstantiated yellow journalism of the Randolph Hearst and more recently, the absurd stories circulated about “atrocities” commited by Qaddafi’s forces. Even if these accusations had the slightest grain of truth to them, what Mr. Kerry and President Obama are suggesting is that it is morally unacceptable for a nation to use poison gas on people but perfectly acceptable to incinerate them by dropping thousands of bombs and missiles on them. In fact, it is even for their own good so long as these bombs and missiles are made in the USA.

Aldous Huxley, the author of Brave New World, once observed “That men do not learn very much from the lessons of history is the most important of all the lessons that history has to teach.”  He was not too far off with regards to the situation today, where the same lies are being told over and over again, and the American people continue to believe them.  Any war with Syria will likely proceed in the same way that all conflicts initiated by the Americans do; by bombing and destroying the very people it is claiming to save in the name of “freedom” and “human rights”.  If this happens, the farce will be that the American people allowed it to happen, and stood complacent in this heinous crime with all the hindsight of the last decade of disastrous foreign adventures. The losers in the end will be the Syrian people who have seen their country torn apart in a conflict that ultimately will only serve foreign interests. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Syrian people, and for a speedy victory to Assad.

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