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Last weekend, two representatives from the Golden Dawn party of Greece arrived in NYC to tour the Greek American community here in Astoria and meet their supporters. General Giorgios Epitideios now an MEP for the party and Michalis Giannagkonas, West Attica Division leader. People are growing tired of the criminal regimes of the EU, with their shiny rhetoric about democracy and freedom, while they sell a the legacy of a hundred generations of their ancestors and countries for the personal profit of a ruling clique. No where is this more apparent than Greece, where, as we have previously written, the Golden Dawn was propelled from the fringes to being the third major player in Greek politics. This despite alleged fraud and rigging against the party during the voting process, and ceaseless intimidation, both by the government and antifa thugs. Across the west all eyes were on Greece, as nationalists and third positionists of all stripes see the potential for success. In the abyss the west has fallen into, a single success anywhere is a success for all of us, everywhere. This road has not been an easy one and with the mass arrests of party lawmakers last year under the most flimsy of pretenses, Golden Dawn must tread on very thin ice.

Golden Dawn supporters at Athens Square Park with G. Epitideios and M. Giannagkonas from

This did not stop the New York branch of Golden Dawn, of coming out to receive the esteemed representatives and host a conference attended by supporters from Greece, Canada, and americans from as far as Indiana and Texas not counting the locals. On Saturday the party members from Greece and NY toured Astoria, stopping at cafes and businesses and Athens Square Park, the same park where Bill de Blasio, the especially repugnant mayor of NYC and a handful of radical leftists (with only a few Greeks paying any mind) held a “Stop Golden Dawn” event, taking it upon themselves to proclaim that Golden Dawn “wasn’t welcome in Astoria or NYC”. The reception the New York branch has received from the actual Greek American community, and Astoria in general has proven De Blasio very wrong indeed. I had the opportunity to speak to Mr Epitideios at a cafe about Greece’s future, their involvement in NATO and the potential for a closer relationship with Russia, Iran, and the balancing act that Greece is involved in given its strategic position. He proved open, friendly, and well aware of the problems facing the west.
On Sunday, members attended service at one of the many Greek Orthodox Churches in the area, St. Irene Chrysovalantou. Later that evening, overlooking the New York City skyline from the conference room, he gave a speech on the plight facing the average Greek citizen, the struggle to survive when the elderly saw their pensions disappear, and basic necessities such as food and medicine are hard to come by. He spoke of how this happened, with the thoughtless borrowing by successive governments, the nepotism and corruption of the political establishment, and most importantly, how political parties have a duty not just to the material well being of their country but its people and their history. He took questions. These events all went without incident and Golden Dawn was warmly received, showing that even in NYC the lies propagated by the mainstream media don’t have the hold the powers that be expect them to.

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    Long live Golden Dawn! Long live Greece!