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Mr. Obama of Amerikwa and Dr. Ahmadinejad of Iran

As the 2012 elections approach, the candidates of both American political parties are lining up to see who can best appease their masters.  A big issue, especially for certain lobbyist groups such as AIPAC, is how the next President of the United States will deal with Iran.  The major candidates, with the notable exception of Ron Paul, have already endorsed the position that military conflict with Iran may be necessary.  The Obama regime has not hidden its hostility towards Iran, by imposing sanctions in an effort to further cripple Iran’s economy, or by supporting anti-Iranian terror brigades.

So as Barack Obama attempts to run for a second term, it is only fair to compare to his Iranian counterpart, Dr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Ahmadinejad or Obama: Who represents the interests of his people better?

In 2010, the Indian press reported that Obama would spend nearly 200 million a day on a visit to India.  During that visit, he was accompanied by a staggering 40 aircraft and six armoured cars.  Obama’s private car, a black Cadillac had the ability to launch nuclear, chemical, and biological attacks at the press of a button.  Furthermore, Obama booked all 300 luxury suites and 27 deluxe penthouses of the five-star Taj Mahal Hotel, at a rate ranging from 20,000 to 40,000 Indian rupees (450 to 900 USD) per night, and arranged a private excursion to the Taj Mahal.  James Corum, an American military historian pointed out, that the trip was largely a lavish publicity stunt, complete with an entourage that would dwarf the armed forces of even large nations.

On an earlier trip to Spain, Michelle Obama was criticized as being a “modern day Marie-Antoinette.”  During her vacation, an entire beach was closed for Michelle Obama and 40 close friends, for a price that cost US taxpayers a staggering $100,000 a day, not including the $147,563 which it cost to fly Air Force Two to and from the destination.  The American Conservative reported that:

Americans have come to expect Michelle to wear $500 sneakers and carry $2,000 purses while dining on lobster and caviar prepared by her personal chef and traveling to five-star hotels on the Spanish coast. They are used to her wastefulness — and her hypocrisy, considering the lavishness that occurs while the Obamas ask Americans to make sacrifices for the good of the nation, vacation on oil-stained beaches off the Gulf of Mexico, and have patience while the president socializes the economy against the will of the people.

Obama’s inauguration, the most costly in the history of the United States, cost the American taxpayers a whopping $170 million USD.  His other expenses include a black-tie Super Bowl party, dinners consisting of $100/lb Wagyu steak, and flying in a personal chef to make his pizzas.  And, in 2008, Obama hosted a series of 28 parties with over 50,000 guests.

All this while Obama oversees three wars, sending the working poor to die on false pretenses, and a crippling deficit of 14.6 trillion dollars, and while six million Americans lost their jobs during the Obama’s first year in office and retail sales fell 6.2 percent for 2009.

Enter Dr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the son of a humble village blacksmith, and President of the Islamic Republic of Iran.  A civil engineer by profession, he gained popularity during his tenure as the mayor of Tehran by working to improve the traffic system and placing an emphasis on charity by setting up free soup kitchens for the disadvantaged.  Even as President of Iran, a nation of some 74 million citizens, he wanted to continue living in the same house in Tehran his family had been living in, until his security advisers insisted that he move. Ahmadinejad had the antique Persian carpets in the Presidential palace sent to a carpet museum, and opted instead to use inexpensive carpets.  African leaders, impressed by Ahmadinejad’s humility in daily affairs, noted that he refused the V.I.P. seat on the Presidential plane, and that he eventually replaced it with a cargo plane instead.  While Obama wears suits costing $1500 and up, Dr. Ahmadinejad, a former University professor, dresses in modest clothing, and insists on driving to the Presidential offices in his own car.

As president, he vowed to “putting the petroleum income on people’s tables,”, meaning tht Iran’s oil profits would be used to benefit the citizens.  Under Dr. Ahmadinejad’s presidency, Iran’s real GDP reflected growth of the economy, while inflation and unemployment have also decreased.

With all this, we might be prompted to ask – who is really a man of the people?  Which one is a true leader, and which one is merely an extravagant figurehead with no real concern for his citizens?  If being a competent leader who has a genuine concern for his fellow man and living a modest life is any indication, then the answer is clear.

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Zionist America’s favorite communist terrorists

American politicians have recently been lobbying to remove the MEK from a list of terrorist organizations. Last Tuesday, six Members of Congress lead by Bob Filner (D-CA) and Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA), both stallwart supporters of the Zionist state, signed a letter to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton urging that the State Department remove the far-left terrorist group from the US list of Foreign Terrorist Organizations.  The other signers were: Ted Poe (R-TX), Judy Chu (D-CA), Edolphus Towns (D-NY), and Mike Coffman (R-CO).

This is all despite the fact, even according to the State Department, the MEK has engaged in “anti-Western activity,” in the past., and ”staged terrorist attacks inside Iran and killed several US military personnel and civilians.”  The State Department’s information on the group also stated that the MEK is “cult-like” and that they “have the capacity to commit terrorist acts” around the world.  Ex-MEK members have stated that new members are forcibly  indoctrinated in MEK ideology and revisionist Iranian history; members are also required to undertake a vow of “eternal divorce” and participate in weekly “ideological cleansings,” and children are reportedly separated from parents at a young age.

The leader of the MEK is Maryam Rajavi, who in addition to being a communist is (perhaps not surprisingly) a radical feminist.  One of her writings calls “gender distinction” a sign of totalitarianism and religious fundamentalism.

Despite the MEK’s nefarious attributes, however, American politicians (forgetting the failure of such policies in the past) seem to be willing to extend a helping hand to this communist group.  De-listing the MEK from the list of terrorist organizations would essentially permit the group to receive direct funding from the American government, and accelerate regime change in Iran.  Rohrabacher, a hardline Zionist, stated that it didn’t matter that the MEK was willing to resort to violence, saying that, “backing people who fight against tyranny is also something the U.S. should be doing.”  Rohrabacher, a critic of Hezbollah in Lebanon, seems to be bending over backwards to maintain a double standard.  Hezbollah, according to the UN Office of Coordination for Humanitarian Affairs, was forced to admit that Hezbollah “boasts an extensive social development programme. The group currently operates at least four hospitals, 12 clinics, 12 schools and two agricultural centres that provide farmers with technical assistance and training. It also has an environmental department and an extensive social assistance programme.”  Moreover, Hezbollah was supported by the majority of Lebanese, including Lebanese Christians.  According to the Christian Science Monitor, over 80% of Christians supported Hezbollah.  The MEK has little support outside its own internal apparatus, and can boast none of the services that Hezbollah has.

The Iranian reported that during the hearing, leaders of the designated foreign terrorist organization were not only permitted to testify, but permitted to counsel witnesses before the hearing.  Ali Safavi, a senior member of the National Council of Resistance of Iran, was present, where he openly counseled witnesses before and during their testimony.  The hearing’s witnesses included three former U.S. officials who have actively participated in pro-MEK conferences, including former Attorney General Michael Mukasey.  Also present was Robert Filner, who according to GovTrack.us, is a life-long radical who was arrested in 1961 for disturbing the peace, and spent two months in jail.  Michael Mukasey even went as far ast to saying that MEK members should be allowed to resettle in the United States.

At a time when his nation of Iran was flanked by the secularist, communist Soviet Union and the secularist, materialist United States, the Iranian people chose to reject both, rallying under the cry “Neither East, nor West – Islamic Republic!”  Under the Islamic Republic of Iran, a the lofty ideals of the Iranian Revolution put into practice the resistance to the abject despair of liberal thought, and demonstrated that it is possible to maintain social order whilst establishing a government which is attentive to the needs of the masses.

It was not too long ago that Americans themselves feared communism.  Even today, the controlled media continues to fabricate the concept of a “communist threat” in China or North Korea, all the while exporting revolution themselves.  Through their brazen support for the Iran by the MEK, the neoconservatives Trotskyite roots are showing once again, on display for the whole world to see.

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