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Cultural Hygiene

In the previous essay, we condemned the excess of cultural capitalism as being false antithesis to cultural Marxism – while the economic systems they support are inherently different, the results are essentially identical.  We also stated that, at least in the case of America, cultural capitalism is hardly a new concept, but rather, one which […]

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Music, then and now

To the ancients, music had a certain metaphysical quality, which is why it was used frequently in ceremonies and rituals.  The ancient Aryan hymns of praise, the bhajans, were linked not only to the activation of various “centers,” but they also served to praise the divine.  To Pythagoras, music was a manifestation of  the divine […]

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Culture Wars: How America Finances Decadence at Home and Abroad

A 1995 article by the English newspaper The Independent has denounced the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) for using modern ‘art’ as a ‘weapon’.  According to the article, during the 1950’s and 60’s, the CIA and American government were at the helm of a covert operation to encourage the abstract decadence of various leftist […]

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