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Cultural Hygiene

In the previous essay, we condemned the excess of cultural capitalism as being false antithesis to cultural Marxism – while the economic systems they support are inherently different, the results are essentially identical.  We also stated that, at least in the case of America, cultural capitalism is hardly a new concept, but rather, one which […]

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The Curse of Egalitarianism

There was a time when Christianity was the religious dogma of the Western world. While the religion technically still exists, it has been usurped by new, modern values. One of these values, perhaps the most taboo to challenge, is egalitarianism. Instead of being told to praise an omnipotent God, we are told to praise our […]

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Letter: Affirmative Action runs contrary to our values

Please note that letters are contributed by non-permanent members of the staff, and do not reflect the opinions of Riding the Tiger as a whole. Dear Sirs, We read recently in the New York Times, regarding the overturning by the US Federal Appeals Court of a ban on racial and gender preferences in Michigan’s Universities. […]

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