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A Critique of the Men’s Rights Movement

The issue of Men’s Rights has recently come a long way since it first branched off from the men’s liberation movement in the early 1970’s.  Formed in response to second-wave feminism, the MRM often opposes what they feel to be societal changes sought by feminists.  Today, the Men’s Right’s Movement continues to gain traction among in […]

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“Pussy Riot” and the crocodile tears of liberal fundamentalists

Yesterday, a Russian judge sentenced the members of Pussy Riot, a Russian feminist punk rock group to two years behind bars for hooliganism and inciting religious hatred. The verdict was pleasing to many Russians who felt that the group had committed a highly offensive act by breaking into Moscow’s Christ the Savior Cathedral in February, […]

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Cultural Hygiene

In the previous essay, we condemned the excess of cultural capitalism as being false antithesis to cultural Marxism – while the economic systems they support are inherently different, the results are essentially identical.  We also stated that, at least in the case of America, cultural capitalism is hardly a new concept, but rather, one which […]

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American University Attacks Religious Freedom

An American university recently enacted a policy which, in practice, would force religious organizations operating on their campus to accept leaders who are not of their faith.  Of course, the policy was not worded in such a fashion.  As with all agenda-driven regulations, the policy was hidden behind a veneer of openness and tolerance: “any […]

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Martin Luther King, Jr: A False Idol

Today and tomorrow, children all over America, will likely spend some portion of the day eulogizing a modern-day saint, who has been canonized by the media.  Assemblies will be called, guest speakers will be brought in, and even others will be “mobilized” in memory of this supposedly greater-than-life hero.  Likewise, on this day (an honor […]

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