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A new day for Cuba?

Two days ago, President Obama announced an easing of economic restrictions with Cuba, signaling the beginning of the end of five decades of the American Embargo. This news was greeted with elation by many in Cuba and those who sympathized with Cuba as something that should have happened years ago, while the Cuban exile community […]

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American warmongers fix their gaze on Syria

Just 10 years after the wasteful and pointless war in Iraq, and less than two years after the NATO backed war in Libya, the criminal Obama regime in Washington is once again beating the war drums and is dead set on targeting Syria. The pretext is all too familiar; the allegations of “chemical weapons being used on civilians” […]

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The modernist invention of “Judeo-Christianity”

Since the end of the Second World War we have been bombarded from all sides with references to the West’s “Judeo-Christian religion,” and “our Judeo-Christian heritage.” Politicians regularly invoke these principles, and even religious leaders trumpet the phrase as if it were a self-evident truth. So sacrosanct is this concept, that even secular leaders make […]

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The 99% are 99% Wrong!

The protests on Wall Street seem to have gained a great deal of momentum, not only in New York, but in other American cities as well, and are continuing to spread throughout the country.  Many of these protesters are fed up with the growing corruption of the government, corporations, and banks, and others seem to be angered by the […]

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Ten Years Later: Are the Lessons Learned?

This article was contributed by Xiaochen Su in London. The ceremonies are certainly as solemn as they have ever been.  Across the nation, people remembered that pivotal day exactly ten years ago, when America bore witness to a whole new kind of terrorism.  As buildings collapsed and lives lost, the Americans everywhere were forced to […]

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Mr. Obama of Amerikwa and Dr. Ahmadinejad of Iran

As the 2012 elections approach, the candidates of both American political parties are lining up to see who can best appease their masters.  A big issue, especially for certain lobbyist groups such as AIPAC, is how the next President of the United States will deal with Iran.  The major candidates, with the notable exception of […]

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The Statistics of Affirmative Action

This article is a response to the letter from G. Dhananjay and R. Venkataraman regarding the recent overturning of Proposition 2 in the American state of Michigan. The recent overturning of Proposition 2 is perhaps a stunning example of judicial activism in America.  The people of Michigan voted overwhelmingly to ban affirmative action, but two activist judges […]

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