About this site

Welcome to ridingthetiger.org, a site dedicated to analysis and critique of the modern world.  Our site is predicated on the fact that the modern world has become totally corrupt and that the institutions and traditions of the ancient world that once allowed a person to fully realize his being have been lost to the forces of liberalism and modernism.

Why “ride the tiger”?

Just as a man, by holding onto the tiger’s back may survive the confrontation, so too might a man, by letting the world take him on its inexorable path, be able to stand out from the crowd.

At first, the fight against the corrupt institutions of modernity might seem counterproductive to some, but the purpose of this site is not to please the understandings or misconceptions of the politically correct.  Those who are obsessed by false paradigms, or who have had preconceived notions about history or society, or those who are obsessed with unbridled social progress, my find some of the ideas expressed on this site to be extreme or incredulous.  But, we encourage such readers to browse the site with an open mind and to think for themselves.

On our site you will find not only articles by our esteemed members which chronicle the degeneracy of the modern world and its politics, culture, and lifestyles, but also a repository of writings from various and well-known authors, such as Julius Evola, René Guénon, Frithjof Schuon, and many others.

To contact RidingTheTiger staff, please direct all inquiries to admin [at] ridingthetiger [dot] org.